Pilates Studio 64 is a contemporary studio in the north Brisbane suburb of Albany Creek. Our studio boast state of the art equipment including Dynamic Pilates Reformers, Cadillac Towers and the new Avalon System. All Pilates sessions are based on the traditional Pilates method with fully qualified Body Arts and Science International (BASI) instructors.

Operating since October 2005, Pilates Studio 64 (previously known as Pilates with Jordanna) offers private, semi-private and mat classes for everyone – from beginner to advanced and BASI teacher training. The BASI method of Pilates is a true blend of the art and science of human movement, relating specifically to the works of Joseph H. Pilates. The BASI method ensures our instructors can deliver a class that suits the ability of each individual client, without compromising on their specific needs or restrictions.

We have proudly had clients attending the studio for over 8 years and maintaining their core strength and muscle flexibility is now part of their everyday life. Pilates is the perfect exercise to help you with your flexibility, strength, rehabilitation or assist you on your weight loss journey. The team at Pilates Studio 64 are keen to tailor a program for you to ensure you achieve your goals so contact us today on 3325 5821 or info@ps64.com.au

Private and Semi Private Studio Sessions

Mat-work Pilates Classes/Pilates Barre

Postural Analysis: In your postural assessment we will examine the alignment of your body while standing, test for flexibility and muscle length and test for muscle strength. A good posture will maximize the function of muscles and joints, aiding in the well-being and performance of your body.

Specialist Dance Knowledge and Training: we provide all dancers with any needs they may require, in terms of strength training, rehabilitation needs, weight management, injury prevention and much more.

Rehabilitation/Strength work: we enjoy a working relationship with several Physiotherapists, MST's, Osteopaths and Chiropractors who regularly refer clients to us. If you have an acute or chronic injury that could benefit from Pilates than private, semi-private or mat classes may be for you.

Pre-postnatal conditions: we cater for all pregnancy conditions, in order to provide our clients with strength during pregnancy and most importantly delivery and recovery.

Sports specific programs: we design programs to cater for any athlete of any level wanting to improve their performance excellence, standards and times.

Is Pilates suitable for men?

Joseph Pilates’ design of the Pilates Method was initially with the male physique in mind and how the exercises would compliment and correct the requirements and restrictions often unique to the male body. Men most often begin practicing Pilates when looking for an alternative rehabilitation for a nagging injury. What they come to find is that the exercises provide highly beneficial cross-training for any other sport and exercise that they participate in. Rugby teams both internationally and locally are have come to realise the benefits of Pilates' functional movements and are regularly putting their players through the repertoire. Men also most often have sedentary day jobs requiring that they spend hours hunched over a computer leaving them with postural problems and weak abs. Ailments to which Pilates offers them a good dose of spine flexibility and a strong powerhouse, which contributes to keeping the body young as the years tick by.

Shayne Smith- Full Pike on the 'Wunda Chair'