Pilates Studio 64 is very excited to announce we now have two Avalon systems in place. 

With the Avalon, resistance is added to pieces of apparatus which did not have it in the original designs of Joseph Pilates, and subtly remodeled the designs for safety and comfort.

The Avalon chairs and Step Barrels are so diverse for all clients giveing support and comfort when doing seated exercises. Overweight clients can get on and off the chair without struggling and without embarrassment. It is also great for pregnant clients, because it provides so many safe and appropriate options to take them through all the stages of their pregnancy.  Several of our clients are athletes and they quite often have physical imbalances due to compensations or repetitive movement on one side. The independent springing of the springs on both the barrel and the chair are perfect for returning them to the balanced and correct recruitment of the muscles.

Book now to take advantage of this exclusive equipment, that no other studio in Brisbane offers. 

We are now taking bookings for Duo sessions. Call us or email us for more information on times and prices.  

ph: 3325 5821




PS64 Avalon Studio :  Avalon Arm Chairs, Step Barrels and Wunder chair.