Who’s ready to turn up the heat in 2015 and get healthy, happy and hot?!  I am so pumped for my friend Tracey Mallett’s new online program: bootybarre BURN! You can check out her free kick off course here:  https://ys202.isrefer.com/go/bbb/pilatesstudio64


Instead of putting out a new series of workout videos, Tracey developed a progressive step-by-step system that will be available via her new members-only online studio.  

The program includes workouts, meal plans & recipes, plus some super motivational mindset exercises.  The program promises to help you not only burn fat and get fit, but also set fire to bad habits and old negative beliefs and help you unleash your confidence and new lifestyle. 

This is a rare opportunity to be guided by Tracey through your very own transformation process. This is not just a workout video or recipe booklet that Tracey gives you to download, then sends you on your way to figure it out. Nope. Tracey will guide you through instructional videos, live support calls and a private Facebook club to make sure you’re making progress and seeing results. 

She’s offering a free 10 day kick-off course that will help you unlock your hidden motivation, teach you why you should love your sugar cravings and expose some of the diet industry secrets that keep you from reaching your goals. And of course she’ll tell you how you can join the bootybarre BURN 60 day challenge. 

Click here https://ys202.isrefer.com/go/bbb/pilatesstudio64  to join the free training and to learn more about Tracey’s bootybarre BURN 60 day challenge. 

Also we have a special incentive for all PS64 members who join up for the 60 day challenge. We are here with you all the way.   Call us or email for more information and Booty Barre classes. 

💜 PS64 team.