Pilates studio 64 has a range of pilates apparel available for purchase in the studio. A few items are below. 


Toe Soxs

Toe socks help you spread your toes and give you with happy, healthy feet.

Vie Activewear (contact us for sizing and stock in store) 

Vie Active pairs the highest quality performance fabrics with stylish silhouettes and the most technical print techniques available, to create activewear that truly and uniquely marries style with performance. From cut to color to cloth, an uncompromising commitment to performance is just where we begin.

Liquido Activewear - proud Brisbane stockist

Please enquire for sizes and styles in stock 

  • Limited edition items
  • Buttery soft with a stretch that will never let you down
  • Made with Active LYCRA® Fiber Technology
  • 50+ UVA/UVB protective
  • Sweatshop-free
  • Quick-drying and durable

The Organic Trainer

TEA’S - $26.95

  • Berry + Hibiscus Exercise Tea
  • Ginger + Lemongrass Exercise Tea

 This blend has been designed to help with the following; 

  • support in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation
  • help reduce bloating
  • help with the body's thermogenic fat-burning activity
  • provide a natural energy lift

Good Sleep Tea

A specially formulated caffeine free organic herbal tea designed to support your active lifestyle and promote a rejuvenating sleep. created to help the relaxation of the mind and body to promote a soothing sleep caused by exercise stimulation and the release of adrenaline. 

Trainer Tea Flask
450ml glass tea flask with a 2-in-1 diffuser ideal for drinking on the go.

Franklin Balls
Textured Franklin BallTM Set sport a new design and texture that activate the relaxation reflexes of the muscles.
Designed to facilitate the exercises of the Franklin Method. Balls are the ideal density and size for relaxation exercises of the neck, jaw, elbow, hip and more.

Franklin Mini Roll
The ‘crystal blue' Franklin Mini RollTM is designed to comfortably support the spine, legs and shoulders while performing the Franklin Method exercises.
The compact size and peanut shape massage your back and rolls away tension from your legs and shoulders. Perfect as well for increasing the strength of the pelvic floor.




Anti burst and great quality for home use. Fitballs come in a range of sizes and we’ll fit you with one depending on your height.


Foam Rollers:

Act as a spinal stabiliser to centre the body in floor routine, improve strength, balance and flexibility. Stays round with no lumps due to the durable, commercial grade construction. Made from top quality high performance closed cell foam to withstand over 135kg.