Rhythm PilatesTM Harmony

A moderately paced class, incorporating over 60 mat exercises with smooth transitions to introduce your body to Rhythm PilatesTM. All aspects of your muscular structure will be adequately worked and you will familiarize your mind and body with the power and joy of movement, promoting harmony and flow.

Rhythm PilatesTM Beats & Tempo

This workout builds on the foundation of “Harmony” by picking up the pace and offering over 80 full-body, functional exercises which continue to focus on postural elements, self-awareness and discipline. Experience high-energy beats that are designed with intention and seamless progression.

Rhythm PilatesTM On the Rise

On the Rise culminates over 70 exercises with efficient transitions, incorporating detailed choreography that crescendos preceding routines. This challenging advanced level sequencing involves coordination and pacing while keeping in mind control and functional elongation. Dynamics are intensified for a heart-pounding workout without sacrificing the essence of modalities that inspire Rhythm Pilates. 

Rhythm Pilates is scheduled on Wednesdays @ 11.15am (Pilates Studio 64) - open to all levels, however some Pilates experience is recommended. 

More classes to be scheduled !  Please register your interest -  info@ps64.com.au