You too can feel as happy and healthy as these clients. Check out some of these reviews from our long time clients

"I started Pilates after my knee reconstruction surgery to improve my movement and help with my recovery. I can’t believe how fantastic Pilates has been not only for my knee, but for my whole body. I have improved my flexibility and strength and it has improved my tone too.  I feel great each time I leave and feel brilliant for days after. The instructors are brilliant, giving one on one advice and keeping everyone motivated and challenged. I just love coming to each and every class. "  

My experience with ‘Pilates Studio 64'  began a little over three years ago.  Two years previous to this I had undergone back surgery for a ruptured disc and had just ‘enjoyed’ another stay in hospital.  I remember my surgeon telling me that “this would happen to me many more times and that I should get used to it!”.  I started working with Jordanna a week later and have never looked back.  When I began I could barely move, was in immense pain and was very untrusting of my body!  Jordanna has been my inspiration...she has taught me so much and continues to inspire me every week.  She really knows her ‘stuff’ and is extremely caring towards her clients – trust me, she makes you feel great!  Three years ago touching my toes was out of the question – now I can put my body into positions I would never have thought possible.  I recently went on a month long holiday - with lots of sleeping on planes –  and would you believe I got through it without any back pain!

I never imagined that I would still be attending Pilates three years later...but now I can’t imagine my life without it.  It’s awesome..".

"Pilates changed my life.  I was looking for a health and fitness routine in my 40s that was very doable, but not a big cardio or heavy weights program.  The main benefit was my improved balance, posture, flexibility and overall well being from my feet up to my neck.  Jordanna and the instructors are qualified through the international BASI training program.  They treat you like an individual, and work with you to help bring out your best.  The modern studio is air-conditioned, and they have a range of equipment to offer a program with variety, including balls, bands, circles and wakers. I am sure that Joseph Pilates would enjoy it too!  Thank you Jordanna and your staff for helping me so much over the last few years." 
Dianne (Medical Scientist) 12/02/2011

"Dear Jordanna, 

Since I was mat certified last year, I haven’t taken a class since I took my first one with you guys in April this year.  Between a job change, 3 teenage kids and my own injury that is slowly ironing out, for the first time in about 6 years I pretty much stopped -even my home practice!  I felt my body disconnect and weaken in a way it hadn't felt for years and I knew the only place to sort this out was with you.  So, thank you for your experience and precision and flow that make your classes so effective and even though I am only practicing once a week - it is quality not quantity.

You set the bar so high as an incredible, knowledgeable teacher, that's why I am still your student (and loving it)!"

Debbie - BASI Matwork instructor, Client PS64

"I have always started a new fitness regime only to give it up after the first 3 months. I can't tell you the amount of money I have spent. I didn't give them up because they were too hard, I just got bored. I saw the sign for Pilates Studio 64 and thought I would give it a try, that was 2 years ago!! I love that I have been able to see results as well as be motivated to increase my sessions to twice a week. The best thing is that all the staff make you feel so welcome and really take an interest in you. I would recommend Pilates with Jordanna to anyone who ever thought they couldn't find an exercise they could love to enjoy."
Toni Thwaites

"Dear Jordanna

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the decision I made over 4 years ago to attend that first Pilates session with you. This may sound dramatic but for me that decision was life changing.
I had always been a sporty person but over the years with the pressures of working and raising children, and then later health issues, I had let my commitment to sport and exercise slip away.   When I first started I didn't realise how stiff and inflexible my body had become and my one goal was just to improve my posture, but I am now amazed at all the other benefits your classes have given me.  The improvement in my core strength has certainly helped my posture, but it has also helped strengthen my back and my neck, and the concentration on flexibility/mobility exercises has helped my knees, my shoulders, my hips, in fact I feel my whole body has improved overall in flexibility and strength.  

I know that it is thanks to the dedication and commitment of you and your whole team that I have reached this point. I have never been one to just  exercise for the sake of it so who would have thought back then that I would still be here every week, not once, but three times a week, enjoying every class and doing exercises that I  thought I would never get my body to master.  Your professionalism, knowledge and obvious enthusiasm when conducting your classes are what has contributed to keeping me motivated and wanting to return each week.  I am also very impressed with the way you are continually striving to be at the forefront of the Pilates world by updating your knowledge, skills and techniques with ongoing training for yourself and all members of your team, and by keeping up with the most modern practices of BASI Pilates by importing the latest  equipment from overseas.

"I started Pilates back in 2007 when I was 23 with Jordanna and the team as part of a rehabilitation program after a car accident. I had a lower back and neck injury, which caused me unbearable pain every day. I was restricted to what activities I could do and was not allowed to carry "heavy" objects such as a bottles of juice. The pain and the dependancy on help from other people caused me extreme unhappiness until I started Pilates.

Pilates has changed my life. From building my core muscles and inner strength I barely feel the pain anymore and I can do daily activities from before the accident. On top of that I have had a lot of improvement with my posture, I'm more toned than what I used to be and as a result much stronger which has built my confidence back up! I have even started playing sports again.

I couldn't imagine my life without Pilates." 

Adriana Porter



Now that I have come this far and realise the ongoing benefits of regular classes I am looking forward to continuing strength rather than deterioration as I get older. I can only say thank you and I hope your studio flourishes and expands over the coming years."
Rosemary Porter

"I have been attending Pilates Studio 64 for the last 4 years.  Although my original aim was to tone and lose weight after having three children, I could not have imagined the results I achieved.  Not only did I reach my goal weight and have maintained it ever since, I have developed muscle strength, improved posture and flexibility.  These strengths also provide immense benefits in other physical activities, including walking, running and basketball.
During my time at the studio I have also witnessed huge transformations in clients that have been recovering from accidents and injuries and have heard numerous testimonials of rehabilitation success when other conventional means alone have not provided relief.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in a wide variety of classes, including floor classes, fitball and foam roller classes, semi-private reformer or tower classes and private trapeze classes.  Pilates with Jordanna, not only provides an extensive variety of classes, their staff are constantly challenging themselves, attending professional training and updating their skills, including attending conferences in Australia and the United States.  Their ongoing professional development provides their clients with the latest and safest techniques, new challenges and great new equipment to use.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jordanna, Shayne and their staff.  The individualised attention and support they have provided me has been life changing."   

"I have been attending Pilates with Jordanna (now Pilates Studio 64) for 2 years. I started with 20 one to one lessons and now have 3 to 1 lessons once a week. I also attend the Franklin Ball Class. 

When I started I had sciatica and a misaligned pelvis. The sciatica soon disappeared. My pelvis is now realigned and the back pain is gone. My posture has improved and I feel stronger both physically and emotionally.

Jordanna and Shayne are highly skilled at what they do and yet they still constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge. They have a deep curiousity about the body and how it works and I have learned much about the body from listening to them while doing the exercises.  I love it that they share my interest in how human emotions are expressed in our bodies. 

I always look forward to my Pilates sessions. Jordanna and Shayne love life and their enthusiasm infects all who come into contact with them.

I have been impressed with their introduction of the Franklin Balls into Pilates The balls release muscles thereby allowing the Pilates exercises to build authentic strength from the inside out, rather than building on already tight muscles. From doing Pilates I have noticed a distinct improvement in bodily strength as well as an increase in my body awareness. 

A surprising bonus is the difference I have felt in my pelvic floor area. Muscles, now no longer tight, are relaxed, responsive and strengthened. My husband has noticed too. I never expected that Pilates Studio 64 would improve my sex life. But it has, and significantly.

I really cannot recommend Pilates with Jordanna highly enough. It is truly an indispensible part of my personal development and health. And others I have sent along to Pilates with Jordanna (now Pilates Studio 64) have been as impressed as I have."  
Joy- "Psychologist

At the age of 16 that's when the migraines started
At the age of 21 that's when I started to get neck pain
I had tried everything from Chiropractors to physiotherapist and acupuncture
nothing seem to work or have a long lasting affect
I had X Rays done on my neck 10 years ago and was told that I had
arthritis and medications and strong drugs and antiinflammatories
is what I would need for the rest of my Life
I google remedies for neck pain and that's when I discoveredPilates with Jordanna (now Pilates Studio 64) and have never looked back.  Two years have passed and I no longer need the Chiropractor, physiotherapist and Medications and the Migraines have just about gone
I now stand up right with a straight back, my flat feet and ankles are stronger then ever and all thanks to a special and caring person Jordanna and her excellent team
Thanks guys I can't thank you all enough on how you changed my life
Lynda Wendt

"After a youth spend playing football I was getting around like Dr Frankenstein’s assistant Igor. Muscle imbalances and poor posture had lead to an array of health problems and a lot of pain. A spinal fusion was suggested along with all sorts of other remedies including orthotics, medication and further investigation. What a lot of rot. Regular sessions with the expert crew at Pilates Studio 64 have resulted in a realigned body and strong core which has allowed me to function in an efficient and biomechanically sound manner. I can’t recommend it highly enough!" 

"I have been doing Pilates for over 12 years and I rarely miss a session as the team at Pilates Studio 64 keep it interesting and new.
They update their learning and equipment regularly and I benefit from the latest techniques and exercises to help strengthen my core."