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Our Group fitness memberships include unlimited weekly access to all Pilates Matwork, Bootybarre, IndoRow and Studio Reformer classes.
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BASI Pilates Instructor

If you’re looking to improve flexibility, have better posture and strengthen your core muscles, come to BASI Pilates Academy, Australia in Albany Creek and we’ll cover your needs. Pilates has become one of the most effective fitness methods worldwide. Our BASI qualified Pilates instructors are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in no time. Regardless of whether you prefer an individual approach or a group setting, we can accommodate your needs. If you’re unsure of whether Pilates is for you, stop by our studio today for an initial consultation!

Studio Pilates

At BASI Pilates Academy, Australia, we provide personalised, equipment-based Pilates classes to ensure your exact needs are met. Our initial consultation includes a postural analysis where we carefully assess your posture while standing, flexibility and muscle activation. We make it our aim to teach you the basics of the Pilates method before we go forward to a more holistic approach. We always do our best to put in place a program that suits your capability. This enables you to focus on balancing your muscular strength and leaving your body and mind energised after each session. Note: We recommend new clients to attend a minimum of 3 private sessions before participating in our semi-private and/or mat Pilates classes.

Who Will Benefit?

For more than a decade, we have been serving the Albany Creek community and the whole of Brisbane. We cater to:
Group classes are up to 4 people to promote a more focused learning session. Private classes are by appointment only. Our purpose-built studio and state-of-the-art BASI systems can make the whole process fun and lively which leaves you wanting for more.

Mat Pilates

Our mat Pilates sessions are an excellent way to improve strength, flexibility and balance. If you prefer a non-equipment Pilates exercise, mats are a perfect alternative to work your body, including your legs, stomach and upper back.

Our mat Pilates instructor will journey you through a series of the basics for you to safely undertake all exercises as we move forward.

Note: Pilates matwork classes are done on a weekly basis and will continue throughout the year.

What to Bring

Don’t forget to bring the following in our classes:

We have Pilates socks available for purchase at the reception area.

We provide a 1-hour mat Pilates class with around 10 people per session.