Pilates Teacher Training in Brisbane

BASI Pilates Australia Certified

Aspiring to become a Pilates instructor? You’re off to a rewarding journey at BASI Pilates Academy, Australia! As a certified Pilates studio in Brisbane for Body Arts and Science International (BASI), we provide teacher training, advanced education and student workshops – all that you need to lead a life-changing Pilates class in the future.

BASI Pilates Instructor Training

We are the leaders in Pilates education in Brisbane. Our BASI Pilates courses include:

These courses offer a thorough, comprehensive Pilates education for all our students. 

They cover a complete range of Pilates matwork and equipment, including:

We will be facilitating the BASI Teacher Training Course 2020 in Brisbane. Please see our scheduled classes below.

To learn more about the course details, kindly visit BASI Pilates Australia.

Comprehensive Global Program

BASI Pilates’ Comprehensive Global Program consists of 12 modules, which last a total of 72 hours of lectures, discussion, exercise practice and analysis. If you’re looking to obtain a long-term career in Pilates, this program can be a core foundation of that dream.

Matwork Teacher Training

Divided into 6 modules, BASI Pilates’ Mat Program comprises 24 hours of lectures, discussion, exercise practice and analysis. This course helps students learn the principles of the Pilates method.

Why Choose BASI Pilates Academy, Australia?

Our founder, Jordanna Smith, alongside her husband, Shayne Smith, are qualified BASI instructors and members of the BASI Pilates Faculty in Australia. With more than 15 years’ experience, we have come a long way in establishing trust with and passing on our knowledge to our students.

From our state-of-the-art equipment through to our experienced BASI trainers, we ensure all training courses and workshops will be as fun and fulfilling as possible.

Not only do we develop good relationships with aspiring Pilates teachers

Not only do we develop good relationships with aspiring Pilates teachers, but we also make it our goal to give you a well-thought-out theoretical and practical training course. That way, you’ll be able to gain the needed knowledge, skills and confidence as a future Pilates teacher.

Let us take you through to a journey that will benefit both you and your future students. Get trained by our very own BASI Pilates Australia Director, Jordanna, along with other qualified facilitators.